Puppy Application
If you can answer these next few questions with a "Yes" then please feel free to
submit the following application to Wolf Pack Great Danes. We look forward to getting
to know you and your family.

Above all will you make this Great Dane puppy a part of your family?

Will you take this Great Dane puppy to obedience classes and socialize him or her so
that they can learn how to behave in all situations? (CGC is a great goal)

Will you abide by all aspects of the puppy buyer contract (pet or show)?
This includes but not limited too, spay or neuter if pet quality , health checks  and
OFA hips and elbows at 2 years of age.

Will you keep in contact on a regular basis with the breeder including email updates
and photos?
If you answered YES to all of the above please proceed. Please copy and paste
application to fill out, then email it to Wolf Pack Great Danes. Thanks!

Alternate Phone Number___________________________________________
email address____________________________________________________

1. Why do you want a Great Dane Puppy?

2. Have you ever owned a Great Dane? Tell me about the experience.

3. Are you interested in a show potential Puppy? If so, have you shown before? If not, do you have a
mentor that will help you?

4. Do you have a fenced yard?

5. Who are the other members in your household, human and animal? Is everyone 100% committed to the
care of a new Great Dane puppy?

6. How did you hear about Wolf Pack Great Danes?

List 2 references (Name, address, phone number) Please also include your veterinarian.

Feel free to ask me any questions also.